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IQF Operation

Who is Free World Industries


Free World Industries of Jersey City, NJ is the marketing arm for Soitgar S.A., a manufacturer of frozen (IQF) products with over 20 years of combined experience packing/exporting and marketing its line of  fresh frozen (IQF) fruits and vegetables.

Our manufacturing facility is strategically located in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Guayaquil is the main port in Ecuador, making our location close to our partner farms that provide us with the raw selected material to process our line of frozen (IQF) ingredients and appetizers.

Bakery, beverage, dairy, fruit compounds, are some of the most practical applications for Free World Industries’ line of fresh frozen (IQF) natural fruit ingredients.

Free World Industries' Frozen (IQF) Appetizers line is the perfect partnership for the Retail, Foodservice Operators. Our main goal is to provide our customers with a secure manufacturing facility, to develop their own line of branded products.

Let us know if you want Free World Industries to be part of your team, we will strive to be a valuable partner of your chain of production, keeping costs in checked while maintaining a high quality standard.

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